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Healthcare Eh?: Impact on Canadian Business
The Second Stage of Medicare


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Why we made The Healthcare Movie


The lack of a national health care system is one of the greatest
financial burdens America faces.

Kiefer Sutherland, Narrator

I just watched your wonderful movie and I think it’s a gift to all of us who have been working to bring true universal healthcare to the U.S. What a great tool to break through all the noise and nonsense surrounding this issue. Now it’s our job to make this movie more widely seen than SICKO, because while SICKO woke a lot of people up, this movie is so much better.
B.W., Pepper Pike, Ohio

In my crusade to educate our local public about the health care situation,
I haven’t found a better vehicle than this movie.
Dwight Michael, M.D., Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

The screenings we’ve sponsored are making an impact here in Ohio with many of the attendees participating in photo petitions to let their representatives know how they feel about the human rights aspect of healthcare access.  Great work!  Everyone should see this film.
Kurt Bateman, Columbus, Ohio


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