The Healthcare Movie
Produced by Educational Videos Plus



2 Responses to Contact

  1. Robert von Tobel says:

    I attended your film presentation Nov. 10 at East Shore Unitarian Church and did not fill out a card with my email address. Please include me on your email address list for future news and progress report emails. Best of luck and best regards for your future efforts and a million thanks for what you have already done.

    Robert von Tobel

  2. Gina Granelli says:

    Thank you for making this movie. I’m an American expat living (and enjoying good health care) in France and I would like to get the video to show to other American expats. Is the DVD formatted only for the North American region, or can it be shown in Europe as well? I realize that Americans are your intended audience, but I also wonder if some French people might be interested in seeing the movie out of curiosity, to find out why we Americans are so wary of universal health care. Any chance of making the movie in a French-compatible format with French subtitles? Or must we wait for the on-line streaming?