Private & Public Screenings


We are excited to share The Healthcare Movie with communities and schools to spark conversations and educate the public about the health care systems in the United States and Canada, and we need your help! Community screenings are an excellent way to spread awareness and encourage dialogue on a local level.


Here are four easy steps to host a public screening:

Step 1
Purchase and download a video file of The Healthcare Movie (see the Home page)
Step 2
Select a time, date, and venue for your event.
(Make sure you have a computer, projector, screen and speakers)
Step 3
Register your screening.
(We can provide you with promotional materials and information)
Step 4
Promote your event.

Once you have purchased your video download, there is no licensing cost for your organization to host additional screenings of The Healthcare Movie. The license is not transferable – the organization owning the license must host or co-host any of the public screenings.

Please remember to register your screenings with us, so we can track where The Healthcare Movie is being seen! If you like, we can post your screening on our website. Also, please contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss details of your screening:


Tips for Public Screenings

1. Partner (where possible) with another organization or organizations that have an interest in health care, and they can assist by promoting the event to their members.

2. Contact your local radio station or newspaper to request that they air or post a public service announcement or arrange an on-air interview with the filmmakers prior to the screening.


Make Your Screening into an Event

• Invite The Healthcare Movie filmmakers to attend your event in person
(please let us know what you might be able to offer in terms of a travel stipend)
• Have health care experts available to lead a discussion after the film
• Arrange for filmmakers to answer questions after the screening via Skype

If you have any questions or need help with the planning process, contact Terry Sterrenberg, Outreach and Screenings Coordinator, via email at


Additional DVDs to Sell at Your Screening

In our experience people are eager to buy DVDs after a screening to share this film’s message with their friends and family! If you would like to sell DVDs after your event, click here to order DVD bundles.


Note: Copyright restrictions forbid any form of duplication of the film.


2 Responses to Private & Public Screenings

  1. Our organization already has a screning liscence and have shown the film several timesbut now I am interested in your suggestion to get locat TV stations to host a screening. Can you provide any guidance on how to go about meking that happen?


    • admin says:

      If you have a television channel that is interested in showing The Healthcare Movie, we can provide a letter of permission for them to broadcast from your licensed copy of the DVD (or we can provide them with their own copy upon request). We just need to know the name and address of the channel and the organization that has the screening license.

      Typically there are public access or educational (e.g. college) channels that are looking for material to broadcast, and all you have to do is approach them to ask if they are interested.

      The larger network channels may be harder to get into. They usually don’t take unsolicited programming, but with a lot of public demand they may do so. Please keep us posted on any responses you get from your local televison channels.