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While ‘Obamacare” regulates some injustices, it still puts insurance companies between us and our healthcare.  We believe that no one should be allowed to profit from another person’s suffering.  Stop wasting our money, limiting our choices, allowing unfair practices and causing us financial stress.  Stop allowing big corporations to profit off the backs of sick Americans.

Introduce tax-supported comprehensive universal healthcare, which eliminates medical bills, premiums, co-pays, co-insurance, limitations on choosing any doctor you want, and the need for employers to pay premiums for their employees.  It covers everybody, has better health outcomes, and would save the U.S. an estimated $592 billion in 2014, with money left over to pay down the national debt.  (G. Friedman 2013)

Support  Expanded & Improved Medicare for All:  HR676 and any State bill that creates tax-supported comprehensive universal healthcare in your state.

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Stop unfair practices

  • — Stop allowing CEO’s of private health insurance companies to make millions from premiums we pay for healthcare1
  • — Stop allowing Health insurance companies to make billions of dollars in profits while ordinary people pay increasing premiums for fear of going broke from unexpected medical expenses2
  • — Stop allowing hospitals to set ridiculously high prices, while insurance companies negotiate lower rates and limit coverage, leaving sick individuals to pay the full price3
  • Stop the practice of shifting cost burdens from insurance companies to individuals through high deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance, and limiting in-network providers4

Stop financial stress

  • — Stop allowing Americans to be financially burdened or to go bankrupt by the (increasing) costs of medical bills, premiums, deductibles, co-pays, and co-insurance5
  • — Stop making Americans pay a lot more for healthcare and experience significantly more financial stress than people in other countries who pay less and have better outcomes6
  • — Stop pressure on small businesses to pay more and more to cover employees’ healthcare insurance7

Stop wasting our money

  • — Stop allowing well over 20% of our premiums to be used for unnecessary administrative costs that do not cover medical needs, when other developed countries spend considerably less8
  • — Stop allowing providers to set prices that far exceed the value of the medical services they provide9
  • — Stop big pharmaceutical companies from setting high prices beyond the reach of ordinary people10

Stop limiting our choices

  • —Stop encouraging for-profit insurance companies to seek loopholes to limit choices and limit coverage so they can make more money11
  • — Stop forcing Americans to buy insurance products from for-profit companies that do not have their best interests in mind12
  • — Stop supporting for-profit companies that get between doctors and patients and tell doctors what they can and cannot do13


There is a solution to the healthcare crisis that goes beyond “Obamacare”, Expanded and Improved Medicare for All14  



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