Promotional Material


Poster for HCM Event with columns laurels

Here are some promotional pieces you can download and use for your public screening:

HCM POSTER PDF  (8.5  x 11 inches)

To add your own text to the poster, download the HCM POSTER PDF above, and then open a word file.  Insert the HCM POSTER PDF that you downloaded (insert >picture >from file).  Reset the word document margins to .7 for top, bottom, left and right. Stretch the picture to fit the page.   Insert a text box to place your location and date information.  Enter the information, selecting your font and size.  Adjust the line spacing to .7 to get the best fit.

HCM POSTCARD  (4 x 6 inches)


HCM DESCRIPTION  (3 lengths)

Additional Material:




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